Quick Start Coach Mentoring

The Quick Start Coach Mentoring program is the ideal starting point for the motivated future online entrepreneur or influencer. 

This program has you put the 3 Pillars of Success Mastery into action.  Three times a week, I teach the critical topics under the 3 Pillars.  Monday is about Mastering Yourself.  Wednesday is about Mastering Your Strategy and Foundations.  Friday is about Mastering the Key Skills.  Most of the sessions are live and give you the chance to get personal attention at the end of each session. 

If you miss any of the live training sessions, you also have access to the recordings of all the past sessions in the member’s area. You learn at your pace to Supercharge Your Success.

90 Day Success Transformation

The Quick Start Coach 90 Day Success Transformation is the program which gets you past the roadblocks that are keeping you from jumping to the next level in your business.

When you join the program, we are going to have an initial strategy call to determine the one project that, if completed, would rocket your growth forward.  Once we determine your bottleneck, we will come up with a plan for eliminating the bottleneck and completing your most important project.

We then meet weekly to execute the plan.  We review the previous week and determine the steps that need to be done in the coming week.  Then we implement.

At the end of 90 days, your project is complete and you have moved to a new level in your business.  Your list is rolling, emails are flowing, funnel is setup, course is created, … whatever your roadblock is.

Quick Start Coach Inner Circle

The Quick Start Coach Inner Circle is the best program for online entrepreneurs who really want to Supercharge Your Success. It has the most personal interaction and implementation on your business.

The Inner Circle meets once per week in small groups online. There are no more than 8 people in each group, all of whom are at a similar stage in their business. We go around the circle and solve problems and make plans for the coming week.

I teach and facilitate all the groups personally in my online conference room. In addition, you an I meet one on one, once per month for even more personal attention.

To apply to the Inner Circle, you just need to schedule a quick call with me to discuss your situation and if this is the best program for you. If so, we will determine the ideal group for you and get you started.